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  • Carol Adams, CPRW


Two articles published by Forbes this summer focused on the warning signs that a company might not be a great place to work.

The first, published in May 2021, outlined eight red flags of a toxic workplace. They include:

1. Lack of Transparency

2. Unmotivated Co-Workers

3. No Recognition for Good Work

4. The Manager Has a Poor Attitude

5. No Clear Direction on Projects

6. An Unstable Work-Life Balance

7. Requiring Lots of Extra Work Outside the Scope of the Job

8. Managers Multi-tasking During Meetings

The second article, published in June 2021, listed eight signs that a company might be a bad place to work. They include:

1. The Interviewer Acts Like He/She is Doing You a Favor

2. The Employer Speaks Poorly of an Ex-Employee

3. The Company Has a Poor Presence with Customers

4. The Company Has a Lot of Negative Reviews Online

5. The Employer Doesn’t Adequately Communicate With Job Candidates

6. The Company Has a High Turnover Rate

7. The Company Has a Restrictive Non-Compete

8. The Job Description if Vague

Take heed if you come across any of these warning signs that the place you work, or the place you want to work, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Listen to your gut and do your research!

Contact me if you need help with a new resume or LinkedIn content to show employers what YOU bring to the table and help you get out of a toxic work situation.

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