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Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact me with any additional questions you may have. 

 1  How does your service work?

We can communicate in whatever way makes you most comfortable - by phone or email.  I'll ask you why you need a new resume, and I'll review your old resume (if you have one).  We'll discuss your career goals and job search needs then come up with a plan of action and a price quote.  Once you've paid for your package, we can either set up a phone consultation or I can send you a questionnaire designed to get the in-depth information I need to write your new, improved resume and other career documents.  



 2  How long will it take to get my new resume?

Once we agree on what you need and I start work, it typically takes 3-5 days for me to send you a first draft. The more available you are, the quicker I can get any questions answered and get a draft to you.  

Rush Service is available for an additional fee.



 3  Can I get a generic resume to use for lots of jobs?

I always advise against generic resumes.  Employers hire people for specific jobs, and they want to know that you have the skills and experience to do that job.  Generic resumes are usually ineffective because they leave the employer guessing, which leaves your resume in the NO pile.  In addition, applicant tracking software looks for specific keywords related to each job, which means a too-general resume will likely be kicked out of the system. Focusing on a specific position or type of job will make your resume much more effective. However, I will show you how to tweak your resume to make it work for different positions.  



 4  Do I get more than one draft?

I provide up to three (3) drafts - first, second and final drafts - though most clients only need two drafts.

You are responsible for carefully proofreading your documents to be sure that all names, numbers, scientific or industry terms, etc. are correct and that it is factually accurate.     



  Do you guarantee I'll get a job? 

No, I do not guarantee that you will get interviews or a job.  There are just too many variables, including personality and interview skills, that make it impossible for me to offer such a guarantee.  I do want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your resume and other documents, and will provide free minor revisions for 30 days after your final documents are delivered.  




PRIVACY STATEMENT - I promise absolute client confidentiality and complete discretion. I will not discuss or in any way share information about you or your documents with anyone without your express permission. Your information will never be sold or distributed to any other agency or organization, and I have done everything possible to protect your information from physical or virtual threats.

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