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  • Carol Adams, CPRW

Basic Resume Tips


I've just reviewed my 7th resume of the day, four from college students, and three from working professionals, and I cannot believe people are still doing these things. Please, for the sake of my sanity, and your job search success:

1. DO NOT INCLUDE AN OBJECTIVE. The objective is obvious - to get a job. Instead, create a professional profile that starts with your desired job title (or title of the job to which you're applying) and explains why your experience and skills make you a good fit for the job.

2. DO NOT PUT "REFERENCES Upon Request" at the end of the resume OR actually list your references on your resume. This first is obvious, and the latter is an abuse of your references. Once their information is out there, your references will be subject to all kinds of fraud, as well as SPAM, phishing scams, and calls from recruiters who haven't even spoken to the resume's owner! This will cause your references to withdraw their support and then where will you be?

3. REMEMBER THAT THE RESUME IS FOR THE EMPLOYER and should address the employer's needs, not yours. Nobody cares what you need/want. Companies hire people to solve problems for them, so show them that you are a PROBLEM SOLVER.

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