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Today's job candidates face multiple obstacles to getting hired, and most of them start with getting past the online application process. Companies increasingly use applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen candidates before a human being ever sees your resume. Too often, this software rejects good candidates because their resumes don't conform to the system or don't have enough keywords in them to get to the next phase in the screening process. 


Most resumes don't make the cut. If you're not getting calls and interviews, it's time to do something different. Contact me today to see how easy it is to get a resume designed to get you noticed. Eighty-five percent of my clients get interviews within a few weeks of submitting their new resumes. 

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I write resume packages designed to help you achieve your personal career goals, with documents geared to the specific job or industry that interests you. Employers will want to know more!
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There are no templates or cookie-cutter formats. Each resume is designed just for you using industry keywords and language designed to communicate your value to potential employers.

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